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Jean Bradley yorkshire spanking parties sspanked caned mum Kane Magazine cheeky spanking girls Jean Bradley pf Yorkshire spanking plays the part of Sarah and Rachel's mum in the Harrison Marks Kane spanking video The Headmaster's Study Revisited. Jean has just given her errant daughter's a good hard bare bottom spanking in their bedroom but while she was punishing the girls the headmaster of their school had unexpectedly arrived to see if the girls were now behaving themselves after being punished by him. Shocked by her treatment of the girls he decides to give Jean a taste of her own medicine though he didn't need a reason to spank and cane her bare bottom severely as he had already done it once in his study and fancied the pants of her  and he was eager to thrash her again

click here to see how headmaster Steve Von Bickershausen does jiust that
Kane Magazine spanking parties cheeky spanking the cheeky girls spanked caned caning hot spanking

Jean Bradley of Yorkshire spanking in The Headmaster's Study Revisited

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